About Jay Johnson

Jay’s my name, frontend development is my game.

I am a senior software engineer with a focus on front-end and WordPress development. I believe in writing well-documented code that is both efficient and easy to understand. I have spent the last 3½ years as a remote developer building high-profile websites and applications with budgets up to $4 million.

My original background is in graphic and web design, but somewhere along the line I found myself getting more enjoyment out of implementing designs than creating them. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects ranging from simple CMS driven brochure websites to full-featured API driven applications. Along the way, I’ve become an expert communicator and experienced project lead with a proven track record of success. I am also an experienced project estimator and scope writer.

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Let’s be honest, as a front-end developer my skillset could be updated on a weekly basis and still be out of date. Here’s a representation of what I think are some of the key technologies I’m proficient in.

Primary Skills

  • HTML 5 logo HTML
  • CSS3 logo CSS
  • JavaScript logo JavaScript

Secondary Skills

  • WordPress logo WordPress
  • React logo React
  • VueJS logo Vue
  • Git logo Git
  • Gulp logo Gulp
  • PostCSS logo PostCSS
  • Sass logo Sass
  • Less logo Less


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